Whether you are travelling with kids or a group of friends, Spring Break doesn't have to break your bank. Here are a few of the top destinations to consider when looking for some sun, fun and savings this Spring Break.



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Because it attracts several students and young people each spring break, Daytona has a lot of cheap hotels and restaurants. There are also a lot of package deals that will allow you to save lots of money.


Santo Domingo


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Looking for a Caribbean destination? This place will keep your money in your pocket while still allowing you to experience sun and fun. Even beachfront properties are affordable here and many of the attractions are kid-friendly.


Puerto Rico


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Looking for a busy night scene? This may be the place for you. Not only are the beaches beautiful but there are a lot of exciting things to do at night – all at an affordable rate. Flights here are usually cheap and easy to book.


Myrtle Beach


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Depending on your location, this place may save you money because you may be able to drive instead of fly. Even if you have to fly there are affordable places to stay if you do your research. And there are great places to party such as the beach on the Grand Strand and night spots like Celebrity Square, Heat Ultralounge and Ocean Annie's.




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This is likely one of the most popular spring break locations because of its buzzing nightlife and party scene. Not to mention the beautiful beaches and laid back atmosphere.


Las Vegas


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If you're looking for the ultimate nightlife destination, Las Vegas is it. And because it has so many hotels you can get a room for as low as $40 US a night if you stay off the main strip. With places like Tao Nightclub, Hakkasan and Marquee, you're sure to have a good time while keeping your pocket book in check.




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Because of the competition among hundreds of hotels in Orlando, you're bound to get a cheap room. If you have kids you can be sure they will make memories at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. For the nightlife scene you can go to popular spots such as the Rising Star and Red Coconut Club, House of Blues, the Independent Bar and Parallel Nightclub.


Panama City Beach


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If you act fast you can get a package deal that includes lodging, meals, drinks and admission to beach parties. Be sure to catch some of the popular weekly concerts at Sharky's Beach Bash and for your nightly entertainment you can dance the night away at North America's largest nightclub – Club La Vela.


South Padre Island


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Although considered one of the most popular spring break destinations, this Texan city can still be affordable if you get a package deal. And if you're travelling with a group you can always split the cost of a good hotel room. This place is popular for its beach parties, including the MTV Real World Entourage Party and Pool Party at Isla Grand.


Playa del Carmen154270811

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Like Cancun, this destination offers plenty of things to do day and night. There are many affordable all-inclusive accommodations and inexpensive restaurants. If you want an even bigger break on lodging, look for a room to rent in the town.