There’s something magical in the way delicate sunlight streams through heavy rock, and if you’re lucky enough to walk or swim through the effect, it’s even more memorable. It typically takes thousands of years for the elements to carve out these natural sun roofs, which explains why they’re so rare, and often inaccessible. However, these amazing sunlit destinations around the world are there to explore, and promise an amazing, one-of-a-kind natural experience.

Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria

This monumental cave is more than meets the eye. Both sheltering and ventilated, with light-filled hallways and dark hidden corners, the Devetashka cave is one of the most interesting prehistoric sites you will ever meet. Since the late Paleolithic era, it has provided shelter for humans and animals, and today the nook and crannies are home to thousands of bats. The soaring ceiling – over 100 meters in some places – is punctured in seven places, lighting up your path as you walk through the prehistoric stone “house”.