While it's geographically one of the closest overseas destinations, Iceland is worlds away from anything you’ve seen before. Come to the land where reindeer roam and polar bears visit. It’s an enchanted land where the water spews out of geysers and cascades down the world’s most incredible waterfalls. If Iceland isn’t on your bucket list yet, it’s about to be.

Camping Under The Northern Lights

We’ve all seen dazzling pictures of the Aurora Borealis lighting up the night sky with freezing tourists shivering as they marvel at the phenomenon. But what if you could witness the spectacle from the comfort of your own room? That’s right. You can actually camp in a heated, transparent igloo, lying on the floor, staring up at the translucent colors presented by the Icelandic sky. Camping just got a whole lot cooler than sleeping in your dad’s Winnebago.

camping northern lights

Blissful Blue Lagoon

Swimming in Iceland? If these two words don’t fit together comfortably in your mind, then you haven’t seen the Blue Lagoon. A geothermal spa and major tourist attraction in the island nation, Blue Lagoon stays at a comfortable 100 degrees F and dazzles the eye with its milky blue color beneath the rising steam. Take a dip and enjoy the benefits of the water’s minerals that are believed to aid in curing and preventing common skin diseases, or just enjoy the breathtaking scenery that will surely replace your desktop background.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland