There’s nothing quite like sipping a pint at your local watering hole, but then again, that can get a bit stale. With mixologists coming out of the woodwork and more adventurous cocktail concoctions lining the menus, it makes perfect sense that pubs are beginning to go above and beyond the string of rickety bar stools and kitschy license plates. In fact, there are some spots that have redefined cocktail hour with some jaw-dropping architectural endeavors, and a few atmospheric hooks. Check out these eight bars that promise an effervescent evening in an unforgettable setting.

Absolut Ice Bar, Quebec, Canada

Image: Lukas Maverick Greyson /

Venture into the great white north for a drink at Quebec City’s renowned Ice Bar, carved into the seasonal Hôtel de Glace – North America’s only ice hotel. “Cozy” and “icy” are two adjectives that don’t normally go together, but the private little alcoves lined with fur and finished with glassy ice tables are just that. A few dancing fires, lanterns, and the requisite hollowed ice glassware top off the ethereal atmosphere.

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