Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to the ideal home, but most of us can agree on some basic aspects like solid ground, straight walls, and an easy entranceway. On the other hand, maybe there’s something to be said for straying from the crowd when it comes to residential architecture – especially when your environment, income, or personality doesn’t mesh with conventional expectations. Here are eight pretty interesting, truly strange, and totally pioneering homes from around the world that may challenge your notions of home sweet home.

1.  The Hobbit House, Wale

Charming and environmentally-friendly, the famous “Hobbit House” in the Welsh countryside is not far from its Middle Earth namesake. Built into the side of a small hill, it makes use of the natural rock and dirt to provide structure and insulation. In fact, the fridge is cooled by the air that comes through the foundations, it’s heated with a wood burning stove, and solar panels gather and channel all the energy the household needs to sustain its creature comforts.

the hobbit house