No trip is complete without visual documentation. Whether you choose to Instagram your entire vacation or are more selective with the moments you capture, there are a few ways you can take professional quality photos while you’re abroad.

1. Take a moment to line up your shot.

We’re often afraid of making our photos look too staged. However, sometimes this desire to have a more natural look backfires when your group photo isn’t properly framed or if someone in your group has a less-than-flattering look on their face. While it may not be candid and may seem like an inconvenience, it’s worth taking the time to set up your group shot before you take it. Take a moment to line up your shot

2. Capture the candid moments

As great as group shots as, don’t forget to take photos of the everyday hijinks of your friends and family during the trip. These photos may not be documenting the beauty of the scenery, but they will remind you of some of the awesome people you shared your journey with.
Capture the candid moments