The world is more connected than ever before, which means few places escape the footfalls of tourists, colonists, and wandering entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, sharing is the name of the game, and the desert island is an antique notion, but there are still wonderfully remote spots that evade the hordes of leisure lovers. The catch? You can only get there by chartering a boat and braving the waves. If you’ve got the sea legs and the budget for it, light out from the mainland to one of these eight untouched and unforgettable destinations on the water.

Waiahuakua, Hawaii


A grotto of many names, this remarkable cave on Hawaii’s Na Pali coast deserves a careful description. Known to some as the Sacred Water Cave and to others as the Double Door Cave, Waiahuakua is a remote tropical scene reserved for intrepid travelers with impeccable timing. If you can catch a boat to the spot in the summer months, you’ll witness a waterfall tumbling through a hole above, lit bright white by the sunshine overhead, and a swirling green sea sending up effervescent calcium deposits.