Some ancient cities are rooted in fairy tale, and others have made it through the centuries unscathed. Between these two extremes are the legendary lost cities of human civilization, mesmerizing testaments to extinct cultures and the stepping stones to modern life. Swallowed up by the landscape for centuries, these re-discovered places have a certain mystery and purity, regardless of their state of disrepair: walking along the stones and among the ancient walls is like stepping into another world, and a new perspective on age-old history lessons. These 10 remarkable ruins that bring myth and reality together are well worth seeing with your own eyes.



One of the world’s earliest urban settlements and the largest in the Indus Valley Civilization, Mohenjo-daro is an impressive monument to ancient culture in present-day Pakistan. After its inception around 2600 BC, It was a big and bustling center on par with the important cities of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Although the city was the most advanced of its time, with sophisticated engineering and building layout, Mohenjo-daro collapsed when the Indus Civilization suddenly declined, and was finally abandoned around 1900 BC. After the accidental discovery of a couple of artifacts, an archaeological team began excavations in 1922 that continued for several decades, and today you can explore the sun-baked brick walls and foundations that supported the astounding architectural accomplishment.