World travel is exhilarating, and while it’s important to experience new things, straying too far out of your comfort zone can be a big mistake. While it’s important to exercise caution anywhere you go (it’s a good rule of thumb to avoid solo strolls in the middle of the night down deserted streets) some places are simply too violent to allow for a positive experience.

Danger can be measured in different units, but as far as homicide rates, amount of petty theft, gang violence, and general tourist safety are concerned, these cities top the list of the world’s most dangerous places to visit.

Caracas, Venezuela


The growing power and aggression of drug cartels is a major cause for concern in Caracas. Their crimes are frequent and varied, ranging from indiscriminate muggings and theft in broad daylight to more serious, targeted violence toward rivals. Caracas has a soaring homicide rate, with 122 homicides per 100,000 residents, but other crimes plague tourists all the time. Be wary as soon as you step off the plane, and only take taxis that your hotel recommends or hired for you, day or night. If you are out in the city, be extra cautious if a motorbike is approaching—it’s a favourite mode of robbery.