Niagara Falls is a truly unique place, and not just for its landscape. Sure the Falls are enormous, majestic, and awe-inspiring, but the community that has built up around the falls offers all sorts of delights to keep all its visitors engaged. There are award-winning restaurants and sky-high cocktail bars, amusement park rides on land and in the whirling water, and positively peaceful gardens and conservatories to get away from all the bustling activity. Next time you head to the Falls, look beyond, behind, and around the rushing water to see what the place has to offer, including these seven great attractions.

1.  Journey behind the Falls

You’ve seen the site from the front, but going behind the curtain of water is an entirely different experience. Taking an elevator to the base of the falls, you’ll be led through tunnels and portals behind the falls, or you can sidle up to the adjacent observation platform. It’s a highly sensory experience – the din of the crashing water, the spray from the impact, and the damp, rainy scent of millions of liters pouring around you will remind you just how powerful this natural wonder is.