Cradled between fragrant lavender fields and the Mediterranean Sea, Nice is a cul de sac of artistic inspiration, palm-lined promenades, and sun-bleached boutiques. The city has a history that stretches back to ancient Greece and a personality steeped in haute couture, so you’ll find everything from Roman ruins to Pop Art, with some of the region’s most profound masterpieces tucked into the galleries that dot the city. But it’s not all pomp and privilege: unlimited sunshine, glistening blue water, and fresh yet simple Mediterranean cuisine balance the aristocratic slant with an honest (and affordable) joie de vivre that’s difficult to resist.


1.  Musée Chagall

Nice has a handful of noteworthy museums, especially when it comes to the French modern masters. The Chagall museum hosts the world’s largest collection of Marc Chagall’s work, including the famous 17 canvases that comprise his Biblical Message. Chagall was a versatile and curious artist, exploring a variety of mediums and sensational use of color – whether or not you know his work before your visit, you’ll surely leave the museum with a profound respect for his imaginative painting.

musee chagall