8 Places to go for the Southern Spanish Experience

Don’t let the rocky, arid landscape of Southern Spain fool you – this place is more alive than it seems. A tour through the rocky region will touch on prestigious and volatile history, delectable food and drink, and raucous, genuine festivities that match perfectly with the warm, dry summer days. The cities balance tourism with tradition in impressive ways, and the preserved architecture alongside prehistoric landscape can transport you to a different era in seconds. The mood is relaxed, which makes exploring the hills and valleys that much more enjoyable, though don’t get complacent on your journey; there’s too much to see here to simply lay out on a sun-bleached beach chair.



This southern city is the birthplace of Picasso, home to the towering 11th century Gibralfaro castle, and host of some of the tastiest tapas in the country, but its charms don’t stop there. Beautiful pedestrian promenades lined with orange trees make for pleasant strolling through this quirky seaside metropolis, and the craft beer bars and corner tapas cafes combine to show of a decidedly eclectic, modern personality. On a sunny day, a hike up to the Alcazaba affords a lovely walk through gardens topped off with a stunning view of the coast, and you can duck into a number of excellent galleries and small museums if the mood strikes (or the weather turns).