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Pet Hotel #4: On With the Show!
While staying at the Pet Hotel, the spirited Velvet, the Persian show cat, keeps getting into trouble until a new guest arrives and an unlikely friendship results.
The Hotel Handbook For Online Revenue: The e-Commerce Guide for Independent Hotels
From the company that has been doing it since 1999, learn how to optimize your online revenue. These days all hotels must earn most of their revenue online, whether it is via direct sales on their website or through dozens of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Larger hotels and franchise chains have systems, software and whole departments to train them and provide tools - but what about independent hotels? Or small chains? There are thousands of hotels around the world with 10-100 rooms, but with little to no guidance on these topics and yet their survival depends on it. Revenue is the lifeblood of any business and hotels are no different, where there are high fixed costs of the buildings and a perishable product that loses value until eventually it expires worthless. This book is written specifically for hotel owners, general managers, reservation and revenue managers and tells you precisely how to manage each channel to increase reservations and revenue. Our company has optimized and improved these channels for dozens of hotels in 20 countries and we do it through a combination of Marketing, Distribution, Technology, and Pricing Strategy. We know one thing: when clients follow the steps in this book, revenues increase consistently (and sometimes dramatically). Buy it today and start implementing these tactics to change the future of your hotel.
We Are Family! (Hotel Transylvania 2)
Count Dracula insists on taking his family to Camp Vamp, the instructional camp from his youth, in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read story based on Sony Pictures Animation’s monster comedy Hotel Transylvania 2! Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 2 hits theaters September 25, 2015—just in time for Halloween!™ & © 2015 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Rights Reserved. Content Related to Book Hotel Online