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The Affordable Flight Guide: How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets and See the World on a Budget
What if you could fly anywhere in the world for $50 or less? Jen Ruiz is a solo travel blogger and lawyer who regularly finds cheap airline tickets, like a $38 flight to New Zealand, $16 flight to Ecuador and $70 roundtrip flight to Aruba. She has been featured by The Washington Post and ABC News for her budget travel secrets. Now, she’s revealed all her best money-saving tips in one place. With this book, you will learn how to: - Set up flight alerts so you're automatically notified whenever there's a price drop or error fare- Become a travel hacker to use award miles and credit card points for free flights- Find steal deals on budget airlines and minimize additional fees- Use little-known booking strategies like clearing your cookies and paying in a foreign currency And so much more! Plus, as a bonus, you’ll have access to a list of free mobile apps every traveler should have, essential websites for those interested in living and working abroad, and side hustle ideas to help you get started funding your next trip. If you've been wanting to see the world, but money has been holding you back, this guide is your solution. Once you figure out how to fly for less, you can start traveling more. Stop paying thousands of dollars in airfare and start outsmarting the airlines. Great deals are waiting for the savvy travelers that know where to find them.
How To Find Cheap Flights: Practical Tips The Airlines Don't Want You To Know
Last year, I flew from New York to Milan for $65. The year before, I flew to Belgium for under $150.Airfares may be going up, but only for people willing to pay full price. I wrote How To Find Cheap Flights for the rest of us.This book is a step-by-step guide to finding cheap airfare. It’s a quick, easy read compiling dozens of tips and tricks for:- How to find mistake fares- How to avoid fees- Which flight search engine is best- How to save money on nearly every flightThe author is a travel expert who has earned millions of frequent flyer miles and travels tens of thousands of miles per year. He has flown around the earth 14.3 times since 2011, putting 30 different stamps in his passport along the way. He hates paying full price for flights, and won’t do it. Content Related to Cheap Flights