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Guide to Cheap Flights!: Save Money, Travel Longer
Everyone wants to find the best deals on flights! This is a quick-guide to consistently find great deals as quickly and easily as possible. I've spent over 10+ years finding hundreds of flights and always seeking out the very cheapest deals. After 10+ years, over 23+ countries throughout the world, 35+ states within the United States, I look back and realize I was finding great deals compared to my friends and family. After hours of searching and really stressing over finding the cheapest tickets possible I also started to realize that I was wasting a lot of time and energy. So I made it my goal to not only find cheap flights, but to do it easily and quickly. I stopped looking for hours and hours and trimmed my search strategy down to the basics and fundamentals that I share in this quick guide. Of course you can find a variety on information on this topic, but this quick guide focuses in on what consistently works over the years and will get you cheap flights! Enjoy!This guide was inspired by people who were telling me things like this..."You helped save me hundreds of dollars! I'm glad you let me know about these sites!""I literally just paid half of what I was about to pay! Thank you so much!"I hope this guide helps you out and if you have any questions feel free to connect with me at http://www.rushbeyond.comCheers!
The Affordable Flight Guide: How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets and See the World on a Budget
What if you could fly anywhere in the world for $50? Jen Ruiz is a solo travel blogger and lawyer who regularly finds cheap flight deals, like a $38 flight to New Zealand, $16 flight to Ecuador and $22 roundtrip flight to San Francisco. She has been featured by The Washington Post and ABC News for her budget travel secrets. Now, she's revealing her best money-saving tips in "The Affordable Flight Guide." With this book, you will learn how to: - Set up flight alerts so you're automatically notified whenever there's a price drop or error fare- Develop travel hacking skills to redeem award miles or credit card points for free flights- Find great fares on budget airlines and minimize additional fees- Use little-known booking tips like browsing in a foreign currency And much more! Plus, as a bonus, you'll have access to a list of free mobile apps every traveler should have, essential websites for readers interested in living and working abroad, and side hustle ideas to help you get started on funding your next trip. If you've been wanting to see the world but money has been holding you back, then this guide is your solution. Stop paying thousands of dollars in airfare and start outsmarting the airlines. Great flight deals are waiting for the savvy travelers that know where to find them. Content Related to Cheap Flights