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Golf Resorts of the World
Describes sixty-four golf resorts in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia and includes full-color photographs that show the rooms, courses, and public areas in detail.
BigFoot Goes On Vacation: A Spectacular Seek and Find Challenge for All Ages! (Bigfoot Search and Find) (Happy Fox Books) 10 Big 2-Page Visual Puzzle Panoramas with More than 500 Items to Find
Shy and reclusive, BigFoot spends most of his time in the deep dark woods, rarely spotted by humankind. But every now and then he leaves his remote retreat, and travels the world for vacation fun!Sharpen your search & find skills by locating the elusive BigFoot on vacation10 big visual puzzle panoramas offer teeming activity and an impressive level of detailSearch for BigFoot, his legendary footprint, and more than 500 other unexpected personalities and objectsScenes include a beach, camping, cruise, farm, carnival, safari, National Park, and moreFun and educational facts & illustrations about each vacation activity so you can learn more about what you seeSharpen your search & find skills by locating BigFoot at his favorite vacation retreat. It won't be easy!BigFoot is enjoying his holiday in ten different ways, from deep sea diving and joining a balloon festival to taking a cruise, going to the beach, visiting Yellowstone National Park, and more. This handsome hardcover book presents each getaway as an immense two-page visual puzzle, full of teeming people and creatures.Your task is not only to find BigFoot and his legendary footprint, but also more than 500 other unusual and sometimes unexpected personalities and objects. Fun facts and pictures accompany each scene to help you learn more about vacation activities.
Nines in the Vines: Your guide to great 9-hole golf in Wine Country
Every year millions of people visit California’s Wine Country. What do they overlook? The chance to play nine holes on some of the country’s most beautiful courses AND still have time to taste world-class wines. Nines in the Vines is a light-hearted and fun insider’s guide to discovering unique, challenging 9-hole golf courses in the heart of Northern California's famed Wine Country. Author Paul Kapustka drives guests in the literary cart not just to world-class golf courses, but also provides some caddy-like assistance in finding wineries to tour, and places to eat and stay. Plan your own adventure by reading how we go about playing "Nines in the Vines!”
Criminals on Vacation: A Cozy Mystery (Poppy Pepper's Paradise Cove & Mini Golf Book 6)
Klondike Mike and Jimmy “Bag of Bagels” weren’t the smartest of criminals, but they were the guys that were willing to do small heists that nobody else wanted. In an attempt to rebuild their ruined reputation, they picked up a quick job…or so they thought.Poppy Pepper gets pulled into the mess when her friend Carmella goes through some “odd” circumstances. And after Carmella’s divorce, she didn’t have many friends left, having chased them all off with her constant whining. Poppy feels obligated to help Carmella figure out what’s going on. Can the women solve the mystery that a couple of foolish criminals just barely pull off? (No blood, no sex, no foul language - clean, family friendly read) Content Related to Golf Vacation