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The Globetrotter's Guide to Travel Insurance: Travel Smarter, Pay Less, Get the Right Coverge (The Savvy Traveler Series Book 1)
Can we really Trust our Travel Insurance Coverage?Fellow Travelers Our names are Michael & Yvonne BaucheWe have all heard the horror stories regarding travel insurance - stories about people having to fend for themselves in 3rd world hospitals, even having to supply their own food and bedding - or those who had purchased insurance only to find their claims DENIED because of some technicality.Serious health issues can come right out of “Blue” and turn your life upside down. We have experienced this personally. One day Michael, was healthy, fit and in his forties. The next day he was in an Emergency Room with the Doctor telling us that he was facing a life threatening condition. Two weeks later Michael was finally released from hospital. Luckily we had travel insurance in place when this happened - however we experienced first hand how CHALLENGING it can be to actually receive compensation - even in a “Cut and Dry” case such as ours.We always knew that policy “legalese” favored the insurance company. What we did not realize is to what degree insurance companies apply underhanded tactics to stall, bluff and avoid paying out a legitimate claim.We have been world travellers since 1991 and traveling full time since May 2012. Over those years, we have visited 75 countries on 6 continents and bought insurance that seemed to “make sense” without really understanding what we were buying. We “hoped and prayed” that :A - nothing would happen to us and B - if it did, our insurance would come through and bail us outSince those early days we have gained INSIDER knowledge from working within the insurance industry as well as making successful insurance claims.Our unexpected hospitalization prompted us to conduct extensive research into the ins, outs and quirks of travel insurance. We wanted to make better - more informed choices as consumers. More importantly we wanted to know all the tactics and knowledge necessary to avoid wasting more countless hours jumping through insurance company hoops.From experience we know that the deck is often stacked against you when it comes to travel insurance.The Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance EVENS the “Playing Field”. It offers a focused systematic approach—written in plain English—to help you identify the most important aspects of coverage, and how to eliminate the barriers that prevent you from making a successful claim.Here’s what you’re going to discover in this book:• How to master the insurance game by knowing the rules before you play • A step-by-step process for determining your specific insurance needs and the BEST options available • How to create a realistic coverage plan ensuring adequate protection • How to avoid unnecessary coverage saving you time and money  • A simple strategy to lower your travel insurance costs • The TRUTH about credit card travel insurance coverage • How to avoid buyer’s remorse • A proven blueprint to manage your policy while travelling • An insurance claim strategy that works in the REAL WORD Plus much, much moreBuying travel insurance is easy - maybe even too easy! Slick promotional materials make travel insurance sound simple, however there are VAST differences between what the sales brochure says and what the insurance policy ACTUALLY covers.The Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance will help you become an INFORMED consumer. It will give you the tools required to get past the superficial information, ‘the fluff’, enabling you to ensure the odds are not stacked against you.Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance is covered by Amazons 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.If you want to travel with 100% PEACE OF MIND grab a copy of The Globetrotters Guide to Travel Insurance.
If Something Should Happen: A Travel Insurance Disaster
A true story of a woman’s luxury Himalayan adventure that went terribly wrong. As an inconceivable chain of events escalated in severity from an earthquake in Nepal to emergency surgery in Tibet, the travel insurance company that was paid to save her nearly caused her death. You accompany Paula on her once in a lifetime adventures in Bhutan and Nepal and you lie by her side in Tibet as she suffers from physical pain and emotional neglect in the fight for her life. She transforms from a luxury traveler to an insignificant number on an insurance policy, held hostage by the insurance team assigned to her case. It was an unexpected and unassuming support team that came to her rescue. Learn to be savvy when you buy travel insurance; find out who is at the other end of the phone when you have an emergency. All travel insurance is not the same! See additional photos that follow her adventure on
Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance
Travelling is a lot of fun and who doesn’t love exploring this beautiful world. The critical part is that sometimes it is too expensive for us to handle. This is the reason why the concept of travel insurance was introduced in the first place. You can enjoy happy and safe travelling with travel insurance plans. We have summarized every small detail for you in this book. After reading this book, you are going to realize how beneficial it is to have travel insurance with you.
Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know about Travel Insurancer
Traveling is the greatest educator in the world. You can learn more about languages, history, cultures, and many other topics by traveling than by almost any other means. There are times when traveling can be exciting and informative, but also hazardous or dangerous such as the cover picture of me feeding an elephant. Travel Insurance-What You Need to Know about Travel Insurance is designed to make your travel experience safer, better, and more exciting. It will describe the medical and other problems that can happen and help you be prepared for those problems. By understanding the contents of this book, you will make better travel decisions. Content Related to Travel Insurance