3. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

If you thought the star ratings only went up to 5 then think again as this hotel calls itself a 7-star location! Arrive by helicopter or Rolls Royce to start your extremely glam vacation in this 1053-foot futuristic tower. Not content with just a food menu, there’s a pillow menu too. Discover the underwater restaurant reached by mini-submarine or head straight up to the roof for a spot of tennis on the world’s highest court!

#10 Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

4. Book And Bed, Tokyo

If your idea of heaven is snuggling up with a good read then this is the place for you. Your sleeping space will look like a library, until you slide open a bookshelf to reveal bed, reading lamp and power outlet. The facilities are pretty basic and with 30 of these reading nooks, you’ll be tight for space and sharing bathrooms but if you’re looking for a place to stay with like-minded bibliophiles then you’ll love the atmosphere here. It’s cheap too so you’ll have plenty of extra cash for buying new books.

#4 Book And Bed, TokyoSource