Most of us have been to the beach. We’ve enjoyed the sunshine, the beautiful blue water and the building of sand castles. But what about a visit from a cow? Or an airplane? No? Well, it’s time you visited some new beaches. Read below to find some of the most unique – and just plain weird – beaches from around the world.

 1. Perran Sands, Cornwall

This should be called LEGO beach since every day hundreds of LEGO pieces wash up on Perran Sands in Cornwall. This phenomenon is due to a huge wave that hit a container ship in 1997, sending tonnes of its cargo overboard. You can visit the Facebook page Lego Lost at Sea to see more. Perran Sands, Cornwall

2. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

The sand on this beach comes in green. The reason – the presence of the mineral olivine. There are only three other green beaches that can be found in Guam, the Galapagos and Norway. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii