If you’re looking to book a vacation, you may want to consider booking one that is a little out of the ordinary. A place that is different from anywhere your friends have ever travelled. A place that isn’t full of tourists, but is uniquely beautiful and relaxing. A place that no one else has even heard of. And the time to book that vacation is now – before word gets out about how amazing these hot spots really are. When you’re ready, we have you covered with the list below. These destinations are considered some of the most stunning places in the world that you must visit before they get overtaken by tourists. Places to See Before the Word Gets Out

1. Republic of Georgia

This quaint and scenic area will leave you breathless. The former Soviet state is friendly and laid back with an incredible wine scene and several luxury hotels that are planned to open in the next few years. There is a lot of history in this area, along with beautiful Caucasian Mountains and Black Sea Coast. Republic of Georgia

2. Guadeloupe

This area is sometimes called “the poor man’s St. Bart’s” and is located south of Antigua. Some call it the Caribbean’s best-kept secret because of its unspoiled beaches, beautiful mountains and French-Creole cuisine. But the great part about this place is that you get to experience it all for a fraction of the cost of other Caribbean hotspots.