Some places are so synonymous with good food, that it’s part of their draw. You know you’ll eat well in Italy. You’re sure you’ll be able to have some awesome meals in Japan, and yes, in France, finding delicious cuisine certainly isn’t a challenge. Sometimes, however, a place can surprise you. It’s nice when you discover a place that has a passion for delicious eats – even if they aren’t really known for their food (or maybe even get a bad rap). Click “Next” to see 10 surprisingly delicious food destinations.



British food doesn’t have the best reputation, but there are plenty of delicious dishes to be found in the country. Sure, lots of restaurants are imports, but traditional British food, like pork pies, high teas, scotch eggs, and Yorkshire puddings, is old-fashioned comfort food that’s making a comeback.



Aside from the cheap meatballs at IKEA, most people haven’t experienced what Swedish food is really like. If you’re lucky enough to travel to the country, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by its tasty cuisine. From fishcakes to lingonberries, there are plenty of Nordic delicacies to try – including some of the fanciest meals in the world, at No. 25 restaurant Faviken.