There are some wonderfully unusual places on earth, especially where different terrain meets up, and North America has some of the most varied terrain out there. Although “surreal” is often equated with “exotic”, you’d be surprised at how many colorful, otherworldly, and downright bewildering sites there are in the United States. Here are 10 of Mother Earth’s most unusual concoctions from coast to coast.

Fly Geyser, Washoe County, Nevada


Rainbow colored and alive with geothermic activity, the Fly Geyser might catch you by surprise. It’s not huge, but the motley mound in the middle of the desert looks like it may have been dropped from a spaceship. In reality, the geyser was formed accidentally when a well was being drilled in the 1960s, and since it’s constantly erupting, it keeps getting bigger as more dissolved minerals cling to the sides.