Are you still working on your travel plans for this year? Here are a few destinations that everyone should try to make a point of seeing in 2016.


1. The National Parks System, The United States

Like escaping to the great outdoors? If so, a trip to the USA should be in your plans for 2016! The National Park Service which oversees the country’s 59 national parks and historic landmarks celebrates its hundredth anniversary. As part of the celebrations, the American government will be offering 16 entrance-free dates, including three days straight from August 25 through August 28. Take advantage of this chance to see such landmarks as Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon and Everglades National Park at no charge! Lace up your hiking boots and experience some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.


2. Australia

A trip to the Land Down Under is certainly not for the budget traveller. The strong Australian dollar in recent years hasn’t made the long journey any cheaper. However, with the currency falling and gas prices on the downturn, 2016 might be your best bet to see the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback up close and personal!