Sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better. There are many beautiful countries in the world that you probably have never heard about. Some of the world’s most breathtaking countries in the world are also the smallest. If you’re looking to travel somewhere off the beaten trek, here are a few overlooked and underappreciated nations you need to put on your bucket list.

1. Grenada, 344 sq. km

If you’re looking to visit the Caribbean, but want to escape the crowded resorts, the “Spice Isle” is a great alternative. Featuring some of the Caribbean’s most breathtaking natural vistas, volcanic cliffs, and luscious rainforest which is part of the Grand Etang National Park. Grand Etang is a water-filled crater that is believed to be bottomless. This tiny nation is also home to world-famous hiking trails that lead to natural gems such as Concord Falls and Levera National Park.
Grenada, 344 sq. km

2. Nauru, 21 sq. km

The world’s smallest republic at 21 sq. km with only 9,000 residents, the island nation of Nauru is populated with 12 tribes which are represented by the 12 stars featured in the national flag. In fact, this isolated tropical locale is so small, it doesn’t have a national capital.
Nauru, 21 sq. km