When it comes to holidays, “unusual” is a fairly subjective term. While one traveler might think a desert trek is a bizarre way to spend a vacation, another may feel that anything not involving sand and sun is odd. However, some holiday destinations and activities are undeniably strange, no matter what your travel style. From igloo villages and prison hotels to flatulent islands and garbage patches, there’s a fine selection of truly odd holiday itineraries that will surprise even the most eccentric traveler, promising a very memorable experience.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Chernobyl is still remembered as one of the biggest disasters of modern times, and the barren landscape that it left behind is now a draw for curious tourists. The Chernobyl Zone contains the defunct power plant, and the neighbouring village of Pripyat, which was once a thriving community and is now a ghost town. While the center of the zone still has some unsafe levels of radiation, tourists can follow the marked route through the surrounding areas where radiation has degraded substantially, and see the skeletal remains of the city and the eerie aftermath with their own eyes. One-day guided tours are available, and provide an important history lesson that will enrich your experience.