Considering Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario, you can be sure there are lots of exciting, unique places to visit here for locals and tourists. Sprawled along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, the city is a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, abundant green spaces, trails, sports facilities and zoo. There is so much to do in fact, that it’s hard to narrow down the best places to visit in just one list. But we have done that just for you. Below are some of the best things to do in Toronto that should be on top of everyone’s list, whether they live in the city or are just visiting for a short time.Things to see and do in Toronto, Canada

1. The Falls

It’s a 90-minute drive from Toronto, but Niagara Falls is worth the trip. You’ll get to watch close to 750,000 gallons of water hurtle down the curved cliffs from the Table Rock site, which allows you to stand barely a metre from the edge of Horseshoe Falls. You can even go into the falls with the Journey Behind the Falls, descending 38 metres through solid rock in a lift to stand next to the water. Or you can take a flight on a helicopter and see the falls from above. While the falls straddle both the Canadian and United States border, you can be sure the Canadian side is much more magical. The falls

2. CN Tower

This is one of the most popular attractions for any tourist. Mainly because at 553.33 metres high, it dominates the landscape. You can take in the view from the LookOut Level at 346 metres and walk on air on the Glass Floor. You can also check out the views from the highest perch – the SkyPod at 447 metres. CN Tower