Things to do in Montreal Quebec

If you don’t have the budget to visit Europe, here’s another idea—take a trip to Montreal. Canada’s second-largest city is also one of its most cosmopolitan. Its diversity of restaurants, attractions and culture make it a must-see destination for all ages and all interests. If you’re planning a visit to the 514, here are some things to do in Montreal Quebec that should be included in your travel plans.

1. Go to the top of Mont-Royal

The city’s iconic namesake hill is the perfect place to start your trip. It’s a beautiful hike (or bus ride) and the Belvedere observatory will offer some of the best views of downtown Montreal, as well as the mountains over the city’s south bank. For an especially stunning view, go to the top of Mont-Royal at sunrise to see the morning light make its way over the skyscrapers. things to do in Montreal Quebec

2. Explore Old Montreal

If you want a true taste of Montreal’s European flavor, make sure you pay a visit to the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal.  There is so much to see in this historic neighborhood, you might want to block at least a day of your trip exclusively to exploring Old Montreal. If you’re short on time, you might want to just walk down Saint-Paul Street where there is a variety of restaurants, bars, and art galleries. Pro tip: Don’t bring a car. Not only are parking spaces at a premium, but it will take away from the old-world charm of the area.
Explore Old Montreal