The Emerald Isle has plenty to offer, and as its capital, Dublin is the epicenter of the Irish identity. The city is saturated with history, significant sites that tell of the pride and evolution of the nation: stately colleges, stretches of green space, lively modern culture, and bright remnants of a Celtic past. You could easily spend several days combing through the rich museum collections and tracking the paths of famous poets and politicians, but if you only have a few days to tour, these sites will promise a varied and authentic introduction into the fascinating culture.

1. Trinity College

More than just a university campus, Trinity College is a museum, treasury, and legendary setting. In the Old Library, you’ll find amazing artifacts, like the Book of Kells, a brilliantly illuminated manuscript written around 800 AD and one of the most beautiful religious texts in the world. Visit the distinctly creative Science Gallery that brings together science and art with rotating exhibits, and be sure to walk under the iconic Campanile bell tower – legend has it that any student who passes through when the bell rings will fail their exams, but as long as you don’t have any tests to take in the near future, you’re safe.trinity college