Aloha! Be prepared to hear that welcome sound when you land in Hawaii on your next vacation. You should also be prepared to enjoy some of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have. From traditional cuisine, to cliff-grabbing hiking tours, humpback whale flips and dangerous encounters with active volcanoes, this is sure to be a trip you won’t forget anytime soon. To help you narrow down your list of activities, we have found 10 of the top things you need to see and do in Hawaii. If you follow this list, you won’t be disappointed when your trip comes to an end. Instead, you will be busy planning a time when you can come back and do them all over again.

Things to See and Do in Hawaii Hawaii

1. Hiking

Na Pali Coast in Kauai is considered this state’s best backpacking route. The 22-mile round-trip Kalalau Trail will take you through Na Pali Coast where you will see amazing cliffs and lush valleys that crash into the blue Pacific water. The trail, which was originally built in the mid-1800s, has narrow switchbacks, cliff-grabbing turns and scary drop-offs so you should make sure you have the nerves to make it through. The path ends at the golden sands of Kalalau Beach, where you can spend the day relaxing and cooling off in the beachside waterfall. Hiking

2. Humpback Whales

If you want to see these beautiful creatures leap, spin and do backflips right in front of your eyes, you must visit Maui. Each year, more than 10,000 of these mammals come to Hawaii from Alaska to mate, give birth and nurse their babies. In fact, Hawaii is the only state in the nation where all of these three activities take place. They mainly visit the waters of Maui Nui, which is located between Maui, Lanai, Moloka and Kahoolawe islands. If you are planning a visit, make it between January and March, which is the whales’ peak season. Humpback Whales