A naturally beautiful country with plenty of different landscapes, Iceland offers lots for travellers to see and do.  Summer is definitely the best time to go, especially if you plan on getting out of the capital.  However, the shoulder seasons, when prices are lower and temperatures are still relatively mind, can also be a good time to visit.  Planning a trip to Iceland?  Click “Next” to see our must-see list of things to see and do.

1. Golden Circle

If you don’t have the time to drive all around the country on the Ring Road, Iceland’s Golden Circle is the perfect option.  You’ll be able to take in some of the big highlights, and can either rent a car, or join an organized tour.  From geysirs, to waterfalls – including the famous, Gullfoss Waterfall, you’ll get a good sense of the natural beauty that Iceland has to offer.Golden Circle

2. Whale Watching

A visit to Iceland means the opportunity to spot some whales.  A variety of companies offer whale watching tours year round from Reykjavik Marina, and during the summer from Husavik.  However, sightings are most common in summer in either place.  If you are planning to go whale watching, dress warmly.  Most operators will also provide medicine for seasickness.Whale watching