Mardi Gras or partying it up on Bourbon Street may be the first things that come to mind when you think of New Orleans. And although those are definitely attractions you want to explore when visiting the Crescent City, there is also a tonne of other must-dos to put on your list. Shopping, museum browsing and eating are all experiences you will get in this amazing city. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, that’s ok. We have your trip covered. Read below for 10 of the things you MUST see and do once you unpack your bags in New Orleans.New Orleans

1. Frenchmen Street

If you want an authentic New Orleans experience without all the tourists bumping into you on Bourbon Street, head to Frenchmen Street. This is a popular spot for locals and has a four-block section of live music, bars, restaurants, night clubs and art galleries. Some call this street Bourbon Street’s hipper, trendier cousin. The Frenchmen Art Market here is amazing because locals sell all their homemade art and jewelry. Frenchmen Street

2. French Quarter

Some say it’s impossible to visit New Orleans without stopping in the French Quarter. That’s because, this area is believed to be the heart and soul of the city, as well as a National Historic Landmark. The site of the original New Orleans colony, which was established by the French in 1718, this area has a tonne of history. You can walk along the narrow cobblestone streets to see Jackson Square, the Faulkner House and the Cabildo. While walking you can take in some amazing architecture, including balconies that are designed with baroque ironwork and hanging plants. The French Quarter’s main draw, however, is Bourbon Street, which will be lined with street performers, loud bars and fortune tellers. French Quarter