Fall is the time of year that everyone associates with the bustle of the back-to-school season. But for savvy travelers, it is the best time to find great deals and explore beautiful locations without crowds of tourists. Not only are prices cheaper during fall and the crowds less, but the cooler weather also ensures plenty of spectacular landscapes.


Let’s Explore The Best Places To Travel In Fall

The cheaper airfares and hotel costs during September and following months mean that more destinations around the world are accessible without stretching your budget too far. Here are some of the best places to travel in fall for an affordable yet unforgettable experience!


San Diego, California

A trip to San Diego during September will give you a chance to enjoy the last of the summer weather while trying all the outdoor recreation on offer. There are 70 miles of pristine beaches, numerous parks and gardens as well as other popular attractions, such as the San Diego Zoo, to visit. The weather also makes it a great time of the year to take on the many hiking and backpacking trails in the city. Thanks to its location, it is also the ideal place from which to take a day trip to Tijuana, which is just across the border.

San Diego, California is one of the best places to travel in fall

Rome, Italy

There is no better way to explore Rome than on foot, which makes it a wonderful destination during the fall. Unfortunately, there will still be tourists around soaking up the sights and wonderful weather, but the crowds will at least be a lot more manageable during September. In addition to the slightly cooler weather, it also remains light outside fairly late, which makes strolling around the city in the evening more delightful. Go to Rome early in September for mid-season rates on hotels and to experience the re-awakening of the town before the high season. You’ll also be able to visit the Roman Forum and Pantheon without the usual long queues to get in, making it one of the best places to travel in fall.

travel to Rome, Italy in fall