For a lot of us we travel to escape the drudgery and daily grind of our jobs, but imagine having a job that allows you to travel and make ends meet at the same time. People who have the travel bug often consider taking a job due to the fact that it allows you to combine a passion for travel with work. You may also take a job solely for the perks of travel that come with the job.

1. Flight Attendant

It is well-known that flight attendants get to travel as part of their work and often they will get to stay over at the destination before returning home, giving them the opportunity to take in some quick sight-seeing. The other perk for a travel agent is great deals on travel for vacation.Flight Attendant

2. Travel Blogger

While this is a hard job to make a living at in the beginning, once you have invested some significant time and money and gained a good readership this job allows you to travel and write about your experiences. For those that make it at travel blogging, they truly get to live the dream of doing what they love to pay the bills.Travel Blogger