While many flights can be long and exhausting, they don’t have to make you miserable. In fact, some flights can be quite the opposite – that is if you can afford them. Picture chowing down on expensive caviar and sipping tasty champagne in a private cabin while you mingle with the rich and famous in your own exclusive lounge area. Well, if you have the cash, this could be you. If you are looking for a way to spend the money that is burning a hole in your pocket or if you are simply just curious as to how the billionaires of the world travel in style, read below to see the list of the most expensive first class airline tickets in the world from Insidermonkey.com.  Top 10 Most Luxurious Airline Tickets You Can Buy

1. Air France

If you fly first class with Air France you will be treated with exclusive coat service and storage facilities. It has bedside tables and curtains that make you feel like you’re sleeping in your own cozy bedroom – all for about $13,000.

Air France

2. Qantas First Class Suite

Qantas has a variety of wines and bubblies in stock for your trip in their first class suite. There is lots of space as well as cozy beds of sheepskin mattresses to give you that genuine Aussie hospitality. You will also be treated to a five-star menu prepared by a world class chef – for about $15,000.  Qantas First Class