If you are thinking of backpacking or travelling to Europe, you are in for quite the treat – if you do it the right way. Many people choose the area’s most famous cities, such as London, Barcelona and Paris. While those cities will certainly show you a good time, you may instead want to consider heading to some of the more unknown Eastern destinations that will not only be easier on your wallet, but will offer you a different, unique experience. These areas are covered in lush countrysides, picturesque mountains and a fun nightlife. If this is what you are looking for, read below to find some of the top places you need to go to make sure your Eastern Europe vacation is one you will never forget.

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

This is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Located in a valley that straddles the Ljubjianica River, this city is one you can walk around and take numerous photos of for your memory book. One of the best features in this city is the outdoorsy atmosphere of the Old Town. There are great galleries, museums and architecture for you to explore as well as the Ljublijana Castle. You can take in a concert at the open-air theatre of Krizanke or take part in sporting activities such as water sports, hiking or biking. Ljubljana, Slovenia

2. Mostar, Bosnia

Mostar was severely damaged by fighting during the Crotian-Bosnian conflict at the time of the Balkan War but today the area – including the Stari Most bridge – is back to the beauty it once was. A good time to visit is during the annual diving competition, held in July, were you can watch divers below the bridge. This place is unique because you can take in the beauty of the turquoise river and white stone buildings while also taking in a bit of history with the bullet holes that are still visible in the walls and with the bombed out buildings that sit among the area’s shops and cafes. If you visit here make sure you go swimming in the nearby Kravice waterfalls. Mostar, Bosnia