Get ready to see South Africa’s big five in their natural state through the many South African tours and safaris available to tourists and animal lovers! There are some awe-inducing itineraries where you can get up close and personal with wildlife, stay in luxurious accommodation, and live like the locals.


Finding South African Tours and Safaris To Suit Your Vacation!

Thankfully, there are options for many budgets depending on the season. There’s even the option of driving yourself through game reserves for a thrilling experience at your own pace. From breathtaking views to intriguing culture to wild encounters, adventure is waiting for you!


Enjoy a lavish trip with Micato Safaris

When it comes to planning South African tours and safaris, Micato Safaris is ideal for those who enjoy a lavish trip. As a small tour operator from New York, they specialize in safaris based on luxury and sophistication! They even have small planes that take you from one destination to another to save time and give you a bird’s-eye view of the amazing savannas. The top tour that Micato offers is called The Travel+Leisure World’s Best Safari, and it starts from $16,950 for a 13-day trip filled with peaceful nights at the best hotels in the world.

 South African Tours and Safaris - Enjoy a lavish trip with Micato Safaris

Explore Kapama Private Game Reserve with Globus Journeys

The wildlife you’ll come across on South African tours and safaris will be best seen in small groups, so be sure to find a tour that has a reasonable cap on the number of people it takes. Small group tours exploring the marvels of South Africa with Globus Journeys start at $3,666 for a 12-day journey filled with safaris, cultural experiences and even a visit to the famous Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Explore Kapama Private Game Reserve with Globus Journeys