In today’s world, it’s easy to find out all you want about the world – just log on to Instagram. Avid travellers use this free photo sharing app to show off all the amazing places they visit throughout the world and, lucky for us, we get to follow them – well, not actually, physically follow them. But become one of their followers on their Instagram account. The app allows users to explore by searching destinations, activities and people. But instead of you doing the work and looking through thousands of accounts, we have narrowed down some of the best accounts of talented photographers and travellers to help you do your research for your next trip.

1. @samhorine: Sam Horine

Based in New York, Sam Horine focuses on places that society has forgotten about, such as abandoned factories and back alleys. When he isn’t travelling, he is teaching classes at New York University and taking photos to submit to the New York magazine. The Village Voice actually named his Instagram account the best in New York City.@samhorine

2. @kirstenalana: Kirsten Alana

While she lives in New York City, Kirsten Alana likes to travel the world and blog about her trips. Her pictures are bold and reflect her insightful and varied travels, capturing a variety of memories that include food, architecture and people.