An important part of traveling is getting to experience foreign cultures first-hand. A key aspect of this is getting acquainted with the local food scene and indulging in some national dishes. If you’re someone who appreciates the culinary arts, here are a few vacations for foodies that need to be on your travel bucket list!

Top 10 Vacations for Foodies

1. San Francisco, California

It’s not surprising that the “City by the Bay” has some of the best seafood in the United States. From super-fresh crabs to local oysters to fabulous fish, San Francisco is a must-see for seafood lovers.
San Francisco, California

2. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is an unsuspecting culinary hotspot, but if you’re a fan of beer, chocolate and frites, this is the place for you! Although, you might want to purchase a gym membership after your trip…
Brussels, Belgium