America’s stunning geography, combined with its cultural diversity, makes for a nation full of amazing attractions, accommodations and dining options. Still, there are some places that are considered a notch above the rest. Here are some of the trendiest us destinations. A visit to any of these cities is guaranteed to make your friends and family jealous!

Top 7 Trendiest US Destinations

1. Maui, Hawaii

This iconic island in the South Pacific is escapism at its finest. A visit to one of the island’s many world-renowned beach resorts allows you to admire the breathtaking scenery. Plus, it has a smaller population than the Big Island, which makes Maui popular with visitors who also want to go off the beaten trek and explore some of its quirky artisan communities and beautiful national parks.
trendiest US destinations

2. San Francisco, California

The City By The Bay has way more to see than the Golden Gate Bridge; it is home to the country’s oldest Chinatown and has become well-known for its thriving restaurant scene. Fashionistas, foodies and coffee lovers are flocking to this quirky city to explore its culturally-diverse neighborhoods including Dogpatch and Russian Hill.
San Francisco, California