7 Must-Haves for the Savvy Traveler

There’s a bit more to happy traveling than hopping on a plane and having the experience of a lifetime. Transportation hiccups, unexpected frustrations, and unforeseen challenges can turn a simple holiday into a headache, so it makes good sense to prepare. Luckily, a few helpful accessories can keep you comfortable during turbulent times, and help you stay happy and organized on your trip.

All-in-one adapter

A universal travel adapter is a must for any globetrotter, but not all adapters are created equal. The best one to pack will have everything you need and little else: slots for various prong shapes, surge protector, compact shape – and maybe even a USB port. The USB port is a nice bonus, but remember that it’s more important to use an adapter that works without frying your electronics, so try a trusted brand like Road Warrior or Targus. Travel adaptors are also notoriously easy to lose, so you may want to pass on the expensive, top-of-the-line model.