Hidden holiday gems for every type of traveller

Popular destinations are popular for a reason: the weather, landscape, culture and accessibility are just too good to pass up. Unfortunately, sticking to your annual beach destination or typical nature getaway means you might be missing other great places, spots that might be even more suited to you and your tastes. Instead of following the flock to “top ten” holiday destinations, take a peek into some less-known places that are sure to please, regardless of your travel style.

For nature lovers…


From the opening to the fjords, through rocky slopes and into the towering mountains behind, Norway is surprisingly accessible natural paradise. You can take a cruise to the shores of Bergen, and one of the most breathtaking train routes Europe has to offer, around the picturesque seaside town and into the rugged landscape. If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, or experience the strange majesty of the midnight sun, you’ll forge a connection with nature to last a lifetime.