Waterfalls have a meditative quality that you can’t quite find anywhere else, and the beauty is difficult to define. After all, the tumbling water isn’t the only attraction – the cliffs, forests, pools and trails around the falls all play a part in the majestic experience. Luckily, the USA has more than its fair share of amazing waterfalls, but these eight are nestled into some of the most pristine – yet accessible – landscape in the country, and are sure to leave you in awe.


Palouse Falls, Washington

shutterstock_121447270Image: shutterstock.com

Nature lovers flock to Washington’s Palouse Falls State Park in the spring and summer to take in the spectacular Palouse Falls – certainly a contender for the most beautiful waterfall in the region. The water drops from a height of nearly 200 feet, spilling over a rugged outcrop of rock and snaking down the pretty river that cuts through the wild landscape. The surrounding canyons and raw landscape is what makes these falls very special; you may feel like you’ve left the USA and landed on another continent.


Spray Falls, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

shutterstock_149734103Image: shutterstock.com

This remote waterfall will call for a bit of a trek, but the spectacle of Spray Falls spilling into Lake Superior is not something you will soon forget. A two mile hike along the Lakeshore Trail will bring you in sight of the 70 meter tall waterfall, but since the forest is dense and the cliffs are sheer in both directions, you’ll need to hop in a boat or kayak to get an up-close view from the front. If you come here in the autumn, you can enjoy a brilliant canopy of fiery reds and oranges alongside the beautiful waterfall.