If you’re dreaming of a wine-tasting vacation, chances are that you already know the basics–Napa Valley, Champagne and Burgundy, for instance. However, if you want to try some of the unusual top wine destinations for 2016 that are producing some of the truly spectacular wines, you can step outside of that box and try something new.


Let’s Explore The Top Wine Destinations!

Whether you prefer red or white, fruity or earthy, light or full-bodied, you’re sure to find a location where you can taste your ideal wine in the very site where it’s picked, pressed and bottled.


Valais, Switzerland

Valais holds the finest vineyards in Switzerland (hence it being one of the top wine destinations!) –but they’re a well-kept secret because only 1 to 2 percent of their wines are exported. If you want to try the best Switzerland has to offer, you’ll have to travel to Valais yourself, where you can try up to 200 varieties of grapes that are grown into unique varieties of wine like Armigne, Heida, and Durize. Whites here often have a signature stony, mineral taste. Furthermore, with the friendly Swiss citizens and the breathtaking views of the Alps, you’ll find yourself with much more to enjoy about your vacation than the amazing wine.

Valais, Switzerland is one of The Top Wine Destinations


Mosel, Germany

The vineyards in Mosel, Germany’s top wine-growing region, have been described as closer to small, beautiful parks than anything else, with winding hiking paths along the Mosel River that give this wine destination a wonderful “roughing it” feel. Picturesque German villages add to the feeling of an ideal stroll through a wine-drenched countryside. The vineyards turn out excellent wines, including a resurgence of the oft-derided Riesling. You’ll never know how full a Riesling’s flavor can be until you try one in Mosel.

Mosel, Germany vineyard