Arriving is the first goal of most travel. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, room reservations and flight schedules frame your experience and direct your attention. What if it could be different? What if you could experience the trip itself, seeing scenery pass by, sampling regional foods, and possibly learning new customs? ultimate US road trips give you that experience, making the journey your goal!


The Ultimate US Road Trips – Which Will You Go For?

Road trips are educational, giving travelers first-hand glimpses of historic sites and amazing scenery. Rest stops are adventures with meals seasoned with regional flavors and conversations sprinkled with local slang! So, which from our list of ultimate US road trips will you go for?


Route 66

Famous or infamous, Route 66 had its own television show. This 38-mile-long New Mexico experience starts in Albuquerque and ends in Moriarty. To provide interest, the state added rumble strips to a section of the highway, creating a musical road at Tijeras. If you drive 45 mph, your car buzzes “America the Beautiful”, but only if you start driving east from Albuquerque. Most of the route has disappeared from maps, but it once ran from Illinois through Missouri, a corner of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, ending in California

Route 66 is one of the ultimate US road trips in america


Lee’s Retreat

ultimate US road trips often commemorate famous events and historic journeys. Confederate General Robert E. Lee fled Petersburg, Virginia, as he led his troops in retreat. His flight ended with surrender in Appomattox, Virginia. You start the trip at the Petersburg National Battlefield Park. Before leaving, visit the Siege Museum and discover what civilians experienced during the war’s final days and pick up a map at the visitors’ center. The 110-mile scenic drive follows the retreat through farmland that hasn’t changed much since 1865. At Appomattox, you can lunch at Farmville’s outdoor cafe and swim at Holliday Lake State Park.

Lee's Retreat