My least favorite thing about travelling has to be packing and unpacking. But those are necessary evils if you want to enjoy some time on the road. With a few trips under my belt, I have to admit I’ve gotten pretty efficient when it comes to what I take with me in my suitcase. What should you take with you and what can be left at home? Click “Next” to see what you shouldn’t pack for your next trip.



Leave heirlooms or expensive pieces of jewelry at home. Basically if something can’t be replaced – don’t bring it with you while travelling. However if you’re cringing at the thought of not being able to accessorize your look, it’s possible to make room for some bold costume jewelry. In fact, choosing a statement necklace or earrings that changes the look of an outfit enough that you can avoid bringing another day’s clothes can leave you more room for essentials.



While travelling it’s likely you’ll be walking around a lot while taking in the sights. And uncomfortable shoes? They’re not worth the space they take up in your suitcase. Sure they may look cute, but packing your favorite pair of stylish-but-uncomfortable footwear isn’t doing you any favours. Instead, bring a more versatile pair of flats that can be dressed up or down – and are easier to get around in.