Japan: a place where sumo wrestling meets striking scenery - what's not to love? There's a whole lot to experience when you visit, so let's take a look at some of the best Japan tours to help you narrow it down!

Wild Scenery, Welcoming Culture | Ultimate 10 Tours To Take In Japan


Get a Foot Bath in Hell (Valley!)

Very aptly named, Hell Valley (Jigokudai) is a rather primeval-looking spot engulfed by hot, steamy air. Its breath-taking landscape is still being carved by volcanic activity - we're talking powerful steam vents and sulfurous streams! If you hike through the valley for around 25 minutes, you'll reach Oyunuma. This sulfurous pond is simmering away at a staggering 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Flowing from Oyunuma is a river; the water is still hot as it meanders through the forest, making for a truly sensational sight. Further downstream, where the water is cooler, you can even have a foot bath in the warm flowing stream!

Get a Foot Bath in Hell (Valley!)

It's free to enter Hell Valley. To get here, you can get a Japan tour which leaves from JR Noboribetsu Station, taking around 15 minutes. Most of these include a visit to the hot spring town in Noboribetsu, so bring your wet suit. You can also book a guided tour for your trip to learn more about Japan's very own 'Hell' on earth!


Be Awed by Nature in Nikko National Park

Renowned for amazing botanical gardens and the majestic Toshogu Shrine, Nikko National Park is a nature-lover's dream. It's also ideal for those of you happy to don a pair of hiking boots! In addition to temples and shrines, you can explore towering bridges, two spectacular waterfalls, and numerous lakes. Combined with the fact that the park is nestled amidst huge mountains, it's not hard to see why cameras are essential!

Be At One With Nature in Nikko National Park

Nikko National Park is approximately 75 miles from Tokyo, so Japan holiday tour packages will probably take you here by train. This takes around two hours and you’ll need to get off at Nikko or Tobu-Nikko station. You’ll be able to enter the parks for free upon arrival, but your tour package most likely won’t cover the cost of entrance to any temples or shrines you want to explore whilst you're here. You can enter these for a small additional fee (and we highly recommend doing just that, as they're superb!).