If you are starting to plan retirement and have a decent sized nest-egg then you are likely considering retiring abroad, here are the best places to retire to in 2016.


Discover the 10 best places to retire to in 2016

Retiring abroad has its benefits from: helping you stretch your retirement income with the exchange rate to helping you tick off travel goals from your bucket list. Before you actually retire you will want to spend some time considering what destination is going to best help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you have in mind. So dream away and don’t forget to save! Here are the best places to retire to in 2016.


Granada, Spain

Set amongst the Andalusian mountains Granada is one of the 10 best places to retire to in 2016 because it offers the variety that retirees look for; in the summer there are beaches and in the winter there is skiing in the mountains. Spain is a popular country to retire to for Europeans so there will be the infrastructure and amenities you will expect.

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Belize City, Belize

Your money goes further in Belize, that is what many Expats claim on such items as food, health care and even alcohol according to Belize.com. One reason that many consider retirement in Belize is also that the primary language is English. We all know learning a new language can be difficult as you get older.

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Santiago, Chile

The cost of living in Santiago is affordable, which will be the reason why you will start to consider retiring in Santiago, but you will confirm your decision when you see that you do not need to sacrifice your standard of living as it is the highest in South America. U.S. News says that Santiago is appealing, especially the Barrio Italia area of Santiago because of the European architecture and great wine and restaurants.

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Quito, Ecuador

Quito positively offers the best that Ecuador has to offer. Quito will not present any compromise when you retire there, as you will live close to all the amenities like restaurants and malls. International Living makes the claim that leaving the city limits may not be necessary due to the architecture, history, rich culture and Andean backdrop.

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Chang Mai, Thailand

Chang Mai Buddy claims that you can retire in Chang Mai for as little as $1000 a month. Due to the popularity of Chang Mai as a retirement community in Thailand there are lots of services and amenities that you will be able to take advantage of. Spend your Golden Years immersing yourself in the rich Thai culture or golfing on one of the beautiful golf courses in the area.

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Palm Springs, United States 

This well-known retirement destination is part of the attraction. People from all over the world choose to retire in Palm Springs and 2016 is no different as it is still one of the best places to retire to in 2016. The community based living style feeds into itself. The picturesque surroundings and great restaurants and culture make this relatively small community different and special.

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Phoenix, Arizona

The lack of humidity and warm climate is perhaps the biggest draw to Phoenix for retirees. Another city that draws scads of retirees due to the retirement communities and amenities. There are many retirement communities to choose from in Phoenix and you are bound to find one that suits your personality. Wherever you decide to make home in Phoenix you will enjoy an active lifestyle including golf, tennis, hiking and swimming.

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Manzanillo Beach, Costa Rica

Retirement havens are growing in Costa Rico, and for good reason. Retire in your new home and enjoy life’s simple pleasures like: going to the market to buy fresh fruit, strolling along the beach or looking at the wildlife that abound on this island with a mild climate. Manzanillo beach in Costa Rica is among the best places to retire to in 2016 because it is a relatively uncommercialized retirement community still.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you can afford to purchase a home for the minimum $250,000USD in Kuala Lumpur then retirement in this tropical climate will be an achievable dream. Once you have purchased your property you will be able to live on as little as $1200 a month quite comfortably. You will enjoy the culture in Malaysia as they have as many as 14 festivals a year.

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Loire Valley, France

Enjoy the French countryside and spend your retirement touring chateaux’s and drinking French wine, which is inexpensive and delicious. The picturesque countryside is not yet overrun with retirees and you will find the locals friendly and interested to strike up conversation.

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