It’s coming up to summer holidays and cottage living is a popular vacation option for families and friends alike.  Selecting the right cottage for your family will mean you will need to consider what your priorities are in cottage living, and hopefully you will find a cottage you will want to return to every season.

What to consider when renting a cottage


Where are you considering staying? Is there a specific beach that appeals to you or do you want lake access. Once you narrow down the area you want to rent, this will also help to narrow down your cottage options. Renting a cottage



What type of furnishings are included in the rental. How many beds do you need and does the dining table offer adequate space for the whole family.Furnishings


Proximity to beach

Is it important to have a beach view from your cottage rental or a short walk. Do you want dock access? It will be easy to rule out inadequate options when you start imagining exactly what you want your cottage experience to be like.Proximity to beach


Amenities nearby

The type of amenities you would want to look for would be grocery store/drug store or restaurants and shopping.  Some areas offer less commercial appeal than others, so truly keep in mind whether you are wanting a more remote cottage experience or a busy beach town.Amenities nearby


Pet friendly

Are you hoping to bring your family pet? Does the rental allow pets and is there space for your family dog to let loose.Pet friendly



Having an idea of when you will need the cottage and when your vacation is, is ideal as you will want to book a couple of months before to avoid disappointment, or limited inventory. If not you may be booking out of season.Timeframe


Rental Cost

The rental fee is a large consideration for most families. Really do your research to see what type of rental range to expect in the area you are considering so that you find a cottage that meets your needs, but is within a fair range.Rental Cost



Finding out any rules of the rental that you will be occupying will give you a good idea of what to expect. Popular rules to check may be: guest policy, campfire rules, pets, garbage, cancellation policy. Do your research to avoid any problems with the owners or other residents in the area.Rules


Travel Time

Consider how long it will take you to reach the cottage you are renting and what is a length of time you are willing to drive to reach your destination. Some are looking for something with a short drive, while others are prepared to drive further, especially if their stay is longer and the cottage is in a desired location.Travel Time


Length of Stay

Knowing if there are any minimum timeframes for booking or partial weeks, particularly long-weekends are important to consider. The requirements may be different in the low season than in the high-season, but be sure to know this crucial detail to avoid disappointment.Length of Stay