Want to see how the other half vacations? Well here are some of the luxurious resorts that attract people with the means to travel and the money to spare no expense. Expect to be wowed by the opulence that puts your regular all-inclusive vacation spots to shame. These exclusive resorts will allow you to vicariously live the life you always dreamed of.

Four Seasons, Maui

Set on the Southwest coast of Maui, this spectacular Four Seasons is minutes from Wailea Beach and Wailea golf club.Four Seasons, Maui

Ritz-Carlton, Puerto Rico

This upscale resort is situated right on the oceanfront. What makes this resort special is the ocean views from upgrades rooms. Also, noteworthy is the casino.the ritz

Atlantis, Bahamas

This well-known, but exclusive resort boasts water parks and celebrity chef fine dining. There is a reason it’s a favorite for celebrities.Atlantis, Bahamas

St. Regis, Bora Bora

This islet features room situated over the water and is only 3km from an extinct volcano. The picturesque backdrop is only the beginning as the resort offer luxury villas and bungalows with novelty features such as open-air showers.St. Regis, Bora Bora

Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

Close to the Botanical gardens and surrounded by tropic forest, there is no better backdrop for a resort of this calibre. Featuring private plunge pools and butler service you will be well taken care of.Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

Trisara, Thailand

The meaning of Trisara translates into heaven and this resort does not disappoint. Private villas are burrowed in a private bay. Set amongst the jungle just outside of Phuket, accommodations feature private pools and spectular ocean views.Trisara

The Palm, United Arab Emirates

This 5-star hotel is set at the epicentre of man-made Palm Island. Featuring the largest water themepark in Dubai and an aquarium, this hotel will keep you refreshed and hydrated in the desert.The Palm, United Arab Emirates

Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

Considered the most expensive luxury resort in the Mediterranean, no expense has been spared. The hotel has the largest pool in the Mediterranean , a sunken acquarium and a beach full of imported sand from Egypt. Costing over 1.4 billion to build, this hotel will be sure to take your breath away.Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

Burj al Arab, Dubai

Built to resemble a sail the Burrj al Arab is both impressive architecturally and in terms of what it has to offer. This 5-star hotel is epitomizes the opulence you would expect in Dubai with 24-carat gold ipads in the rooms, Egyptian linens, designer toiletries no expense is spared to make your stay unforgettable.Burj al Arab, Dubai

The Boulders, Arizona

Found in the Sonoran desert, this Hilton resort features 2 championship golf courses, 4 pools, tennis courts, fitness centre and don’t forget the 33,000 square-foot spa.The Boulders, Arizona