If you are like hordes of countless others, one of the best times to get away as a family or friends is Spring Break. Seeking sun and relaxation after a long winter is the best way to reinvigorate you. Some Spring break destinations are known for their wild party cultures and others are more family oriented. Whatever it is you are looking for, there is the perfect getaway for everyone.

1. Roatan, Honduras

Located off the North coast of Honduras this is an ecotourism lover’s heaven. The island is situated on coral reef and boasts a variety of water sports.Roatan, Honduras


2. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

A cruise-ship port found on the North coast of Jamaica, Ocho Rios is most famous for the rainforest and waterfalls found nearby in Dunn’s Falls. You can have a guide take you up the Falls ending in a lagoon. The friendly service, delicious food and relaxing reggae music will have you planning your return vacation before you’ve even left.Ocho Rios, Jamaica


3. South Padre Island, Texas

Found at the southernmost tip of Texas in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, South Padre Island provides the weather of Mexico and the comforts of home. The island boasts many resorts and condos and is known for fishing and watersports.South Padre Island, Texas


4. Tampa, Florida

Tampa claims a slew of activities like Busch Garden, Safari Wilderness Ranch and Clearwater marine aquarium which is the perfect family friend destination for Spring break.Tampa, Florida


5. Phoenix, Arizona

Known for its resorts and high-end spas, the weather in Phoenix is the main draw. Phoenix is also well known for its golf courses designed by famed pro Jack Nicolaus.Phoenix, Arizona


6. Los Angeles, California

Spend some time on famous Santa Monica beach and stroll the pier, or if you are more adventurous try your hand at surfing. There is lots to do by the beach like visiting the aquarium, shopping, dining or fishing or you can go inland and take in the sights of Hollywood and do a movie star tour home tour.Los Angeles, California


7. Tenerife, Spain

The largest of the seven Canary islands, this popular tourist destination for Europeans is a must see. Charter a yacht, visit the botanical gardens, or hike the volcano, El Teide – there is a wide array of activities to appease all personalities.Tenerife, Spain


8. San Juan, Puerto Rico

The capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan offers it all. With its Colonial charm and the resort-lined beaches this is the epitome of a metropolitan centre.San Juan, Puerto Rico


9. Miami, Florida

The Cuban influence in Miami is palpable from the architecture to the food. Spend some time strolling down the promenade of iconic South Beach in the day and hit the latest hotspots at night.Miami, Florida


10. U.S. Virgin Islands

The islands are located in the Caribbean, but are a U.S. territory. This is a popular destination in part due to the ability to travel there without a passport for Americans. The islands comprise of Saint Croix, Saint Thomas and Saint John.U.S. Virgin Islands