Find tips and offers to great deals on first-class and business class flights. Saving money on business class flights is possible.

Book on Tuesday at 3pm

Airlines are known to release discounts and promotions typically on a Tuesday at 3pm. It would be suggested to take a look at prices before this time so you can gauge how good the deal is.Deals on travel bookings

24-Hour Rule

Often airlines will have a policy to allow you to get a refund within 24-hours of booking. If this is the case, then you can potentially save by checking the price again for your travel booking within 24 hours. If the price has gone down then you cancel and rebook at the new lower price. Just be sure to check for this policy before banking on this tip.24-Hour Rule

Choose by Budget not by Destination

Using a website such as means that you can check multiple fares all within your pre-set budget. Never exceed your vacation budget again, by narrowing down where you go by price instead of first picking a destination and then finding out the price.Choose by Budget not by Destination

Leave on Wednesday

The cheapest day of the week to depart, especially domestically, is mid-week. Be cognizant of what day of the week your travel plans are for and you will always save.Leave on Wednesday

Check Social Media

Login to your social media accounts and look up airlines or resorts as they will often times post promotions directly on their site and pages.Check Social Media

Fly with 2 different Airlines

Consider flying one-way with one carrier to your destination and booking another cheaper one-way flight with another carrier for the return flight.Fly with 2 different Airlines

Become a Frequent Flyer

Sign up for a frequent flyer programs and reap the benefits of seating upgrades, and free airfares. Be careful though, as these programs are designed to keep your loyal to one airline, which can blind you to other deals.Become a Frequent Flyer

Fly Out Early

The earliest flights departing in the morning are the cheapest. The added benefit here too, is that you won’t have to fight traffic getting to the airport and this option might not be that much of an inconvenience if you stay overnight at a hotel the night before departure.Fly Out Early

Take a red-eye

Taking a late flight can also pay-off as a lot of traveller’s do not want to suffer the fatigue that can accompany flying through the night and not having a good night sleep.Take a red-eye

Book 6 weeks in advance

Airlines do not want to condition passengers to book at the last minute and they usually do not want to cannibalize the sales for the next season, so the sweet spot for booking seems to fall around 6 weeks.Book 6 weeks in advance